Welcome to the William Hooper Councill Alumni Association

On March 27, 1994, The William Hooper Councill Historical Marker Ceremonial Dedication was held at the Huntsville Public Library. One month later, on April 16, 1994, the William Hooper Councill Alumni Association was founded. The Historical Register is located on the Councill School site at 620 St. Clair Ave. Co-Founders of the WHCAA, Inc. were Shirley Fitcheard-Bush and Catherine Madrey-Stewart. The WHCAA Inc. office is currently located in the Dr. Richard Showers Community Center, located at 4600 Blue Springs Road, Huntsville, AL 35810

The William Hooper Councill Alumni Association, Inc. (WHCAA) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Our efforts are to preserve and restore the timeworn historic building located on the historical site known as the William Hooper Councill High School. From 1892-1966, the site was the first and only public high school (grades 1-12) for African Americans in the city of Huntsville, Alabama. The school was named after educator, race leader, and founder of Alabama A&M University. In 1966, William Hooper Councill High School hosted its last graduating class due to public integration.

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The William Hooper Councill Alumni Association is pleased to announce that it will award a scholarship to a graduating senior from Huntsville. The Sesquicentennial Legacy Scholarship, named for William Hooper Councill’s founding of the school for blacks in Huntsville, Madison County, one hundred and fifty years ago.

This year, as we celebrate the one hundred and fifty years since the school opened, the Alumni Association seeks to assist a deserving young graduate with their educational pursuits particularly as they reflect Councill traditions of local educational excellence and commitment to community development.

To be eligible a male or female candidate for high school graduation must submit the following items post marked by April 30, 2017:

  1. Letter of interest with parent or guardian signature
  2. Three recommendation letters: TWO from academic teachers and

ONE from a community leader

  1. An official copy of high school transcript
  2. Evidence of admission to post-secondary institution

The successful candidate will be announced by May 15, 2017, and awarded $1,000 to be mailed to the successful candidate’s school of choice.

Please Mail Scholarship Materials to:


Attn: Legacy Scholarship
P. O. Box 3853
Huntsville, Al 35810
Please circulate to all interested parties.

Brenda B. Chunn,
WHCAA President