WHC Memorial Park Call Meeting – Oct 26, 2017

Dear WHCAA and Friends,

Many thanks to those members and friends who took the time to attend the Association Meeting held at the Municipal Building and hosted by District 1 Councilman Devyn Keith along with Mrs. Michelle Jordan and other city representatives. I also want to thank Councilman Keith, Mrs. Jordan and other City Staff who prepared and presented WHC Memorial Park plans as the WHCAA requested. We appreciate all the effort that had gone into this project to date.

Councilman Keith presented a Memorial Park design that included a water feature with statuary, a pavilion, walkways and landscaped green spaces that cover the entirety of the grounds except for allocated parking. Site development can proceed with phase 1 projected to cost roughly 1.4 million with no required matching contribution from WHCAA.  The upkeep, maintenance insurance will be done by theCity of Huntsville. The Park will be for the use if WHCAA and citizen interest. The Park will have historical interest to the CHS experience and potential for growth and/further development. If the Alumni Association would like to enter into a phase two development, the WHCAA will be responsible to raise all funds, manage construction and  take over all maintenance, insurance and related cost.

In an effort to give the city our timely feedback and considering regularly scheduled November and December meetings are cancelled due to holidays,
A special CALL Meeting is planned for Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017 at 12noon at the Showers Center.  PLEASE PLAN TO VOTE on the plan for MEMORIAL PARK that had been presented  to the WHCAA Strategic Planning Committee, WHCAA EXECUTIVE Committee and the WHCAA Membership.

Thank you to all who have worked and contributed over the years to bring plans for our beloved Alma Mater Councill High School to fruition.

Brenda Chunn
Tommie Batts,Exec. Sec.


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